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Sakai Kikumori 165mm Santoku Aoko Warikomi

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The green machine! Besides the striking green handle, Sakai Kikumori's Aoko Warikomi santoku makes an awesome all around kitchen knife. The 'Warikomi' style blade has Aogami carbon steel sandwiched between a stainless steel cladding, combining a superior edge with ease of care. The riveted handle is dyed emerald green and has a decorative copper liner below the ferrule.

Sakai Kikumori is the flagship brand of Kawamura Hamono, producing top quality Japanese and Western style kitchen knives in Sakai, one of the oldest knife making centers in Japan. They have been producing knives since the 1920’s and have maintained long standing relationships with some of the best blacksmiths and blade grinders in Sakai.

Blade Material: Aogami (Blue Steel) #1 carbon steel core, stainless steel cladding

Handle Material: Pakka wood with copper liner.

Hardness: 61-63 HRC

Blade Length: 6.5" (162mm)

Overall Length: 11.4" (290mm)

Height at Heel: 1.78" (45mm)

Thickness of Spine at Heel: .075" (1.9mm)

Weight: 5.1 oz (142mm)

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