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Otter Messer Mercator Lock Back Folding Knife - Black with Clip

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The Mercator knife has over a 100 year history in Germany, and thanks to its lockable blade, it was widely used by soldiers in the Germany Army. They became popular in the United States post WW2 after American G.I.'s brought returned from war. Otter Messer has been faithfully producing the Mercator knife virtually unchanged, and have also made some awesome upgraded models as well. Includes a bail to attach a lanyard.

Bulk Packed. Made in Solingen, Germany.

Blade Material: Carbon steel

Mechanism: Lock back

Pocket Clip: Yes

Handle Material: Powder coated steel

Closed Length: 4.25"

Overall Length: 7.75"

Blade Length: 3.25"

Handle Width: .28" (7.2mm)

Weight: 2.8 oz (78 grams)

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