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Pallares 7" Chinese Cleaver Carbon Boxwood

Pallares 7" Chinese Cleaver Carbon Boxwood

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A tall, thin Chinese style blade for vegetables and boneless meats. The edge on these has a very straight profile, for maximum contact on the board at once when push slicing.

Bulk Packed. Made in Spain. We sharpen all Pallares knives before they leave the shop.

*Color of the handle may vary from knife to knife*

**Extra care is required with carbon steel. No soaking or dishwashers! Dry well in between uses to avoid rust. Blade will develop a patina (discoloration) with normal use

Blade Material: Carbon Steel

Handle Material: Boxwood

Blade Length: 7.1" (181mm)

Overall Length: 12" (305mm)

Height at Heel: 3" (78mm)

Thickness of Spine at Heel: .07" (1.8mm)

Weight: 9.8 oz (280 grams)

Pallares is a third generation family run company in Solsona, Spain. Started in the early 20th century in what was then a center of knife-making, they are now the last of the traditional companies in Solsona still producing knives. They produce wonderful hand ground knives and tools for cooks, butchers, gardeners, and farmers.

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