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30% OFF Sakai Takayuki Nata Hatchet 7" - Shirogami - Burnt Oak Handle

30% OFF Sakai Takayuki Nata Hatchet 7" - Shirogami - Burnt Oak Handle

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These Japanese hatchets make quick work of light chopping and wood splitting duties and is a great companion around the house, garden or campsite. Top quality Shirogami #1 carbon steel core is laminated with iron, and these can get super sharp! The burnt oak wood handle is contoured to look like bamboo, and really helps to improve the grip.

**Dry thoroughly after use. Left wet, carbon steel can rust, dull quickly and develop pits in the edge. With proper care, the blade will develop a patina, which will help protect from further rusting.

**To avoid chipping, keep away from rocks etc...*

Comes with blade cover. Bulk Packed. Made in Japan.

Blade Material: Shirogami #1 carbon steel core, iron cladding

Handle Material: Oak Wood

Blade Length: 7" (180mm)

Overall Length: 17" (430mm)

Blade Height: 1.75" (45mm)

Thickness of Spine at Heel: 5.8mm

Weight: 18.3 oz (518 grams)

Sheath Weight: 5.3 oz (152 grams)

Sakai Takayuki knives are made by Aoki Hamono, one of the largest and most well known companies in Sakai, Japan. Sakai city has a long history of top quality knifemaking, and Sakai Takayuki's knives represent that history, working with top level local craftsmen to offer both the traditional and modern kitchen cutlery of the highest standards.

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