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Tosa 165mm Nakiri Knife - Carbon Steel

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Tosa Nakiri knives are rustic kitchen knives made for vegetables. They are made from high carbon steel laminated with a soft iron cladding. They have good edge life and are very easy to sharpen.

Bulk Packed. Made in Tosa, Japan. We hand sharpen all Tosa knives before they leave the shop. These knives are VERY rustic, and may have visual imperfections, small bends in the blade and uneven grinds. They are sold as-is.

**Extra care is required with carbon steel. No soaking or dishwashers! Dry well in between uses to avoid rust. Blade will develop a patina (discoloration) with normal use.

Blade Material: Carbon Steel

Handle Material: Wood with plastic ferrule.

Blade Length: 6.5"

Overall Length: 12.25"

Weight: 4.8 oz.


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