K Sabatier 8" Chef Knife - Elegance Series

Now stocking 'Elegance' Series from K Sabatier!

We are super happy to stock the Elegance series from K Sabatier! We've been fans of the Authentique series for a long time, which is an old French style knife, with a distinctive round bolster. They have a slightly smaller handle though than what a lot of folks might expect from a European knife.

The Elegance Series fills that need for a larger, heavier handle. They are also handled with Staminawood (also known as pakka wood) which is a laminated hardwood product that is super stable and has a distinctive red color. The blades themselves have a bit more of a German style to them, but are still wonderfully thin behind the edge just like the Authentique series. They have an extra brilliant polish on the bolster and blade as well.

We are currently stocking in the Elegance series:

8" Chef Knife - $99

6" Chef Knife - $79

3.25" Paring Knife - $49

9" Bread Knife - $89

6 piece set including: 9" Bread, 8" Chef, 5" Boning, 8" Slicer, 3" Paring, 5" Tomato Knife - $399

For 8 generations, the French company K Sabatier have been producing excellent professional level chef knives. Still a family run operation, the folks at K Sabatier have extensive relationships with the craftspeople in Thiers, France. From forging to handling to final fit and finish, the methods and materials have changed over the last 200 years, but the attention to detail has been maintained.

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