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About Us

Uptown Cutlery offers a range of knives, cutlery, tools and accessories for cooking, fishing, boating, hunting, gardening, camping, sewing, craft and utility. We aim to source high quality tools that we love and are meant to be used!
We offer sharpening services for most kitchen knives, as well other knives and tools, see our sharpening services page for offerings.

Uptown Cutlery was founded in 2020 by Sam Rezendes. Sam spent his younger years working in professional kitchens, and somewhere along the way, he discovered the value and pleasure of using high quality knives and keeping them sharp. Cooking in San Francisco, he met the folks at Bernal Cutlery, and ended up retiring from kitchens and working for them as a lead sharpener, retail manager, and knife skills teacher. Seven years and thousands of knives later, he moved his family back to his hometown, Port Townsend, WA, and opened Uptown Cutlery, where he is happy to be serving the Olympic Peninsula.