Sharpening FAQ

We've compiled many of the common asked questions about our sharpening services. If you don't find your answer here or on our main Sharpening Services page, feel free to shoot us an email, or call us. Out contact information is at the bottom of this page....

How much does sharpening cost?

We charge $1.50 per inch of the edge for most kitchen knives. All other items are quoted per piece. See our Sharpening Service page for prices.

When can I get my knives back?

We guarantee 24 hour turnaround time, and can often be available for same-day or while you wait service. Feel free to contact us if you would like arrange an appointment.

Do you sharpen serrated knives?

Yes, we can sharpen most serrated knives! They are the same price as most kitchen knives, $1.50 per inch.

Can you repair damaged blades?

In most cases, we can fix broken tips, and repair most damaged and chipped edges.

Do you replace or fix knife handles?

No, we do not work on handles, just the blades.

Do you sharpen hair shears, razors, swords, or tweezers?

No. For a full list of items we do NOT sharpen, see the bottom of our Sharpening Service page.

How can I keep my knives sharp after I get them back?

1. Keep them dry and well protected when not in use. We recommend hand drying your knife after washing, especially the edge. NEVER soak or put your knives in the dishwasher.

2. Use a good cutting board (no bamboo, glass, marble, ceramic, etc...) We recommend using a quality wood board. There are some quality plastic boards out there, but they are much harder on edges in our experience. Bamboo is too hard!

3. Learn to hone your knife on a honing rod! We are happy to show you in the shop if you drop your knives off, and we have some available for sale as well.

4. Always use your knife for its intended purpose! Most Japanese knives should never be used on anything you wouldn't want to bite with your teeth. European knives are generally a little tougher, but it's best to get a cleaver or boning knife if you are needing something heavy duty. (Ask us for recommendations if you need something for these tasks)

There are many variables as to why a knife dulls, and how quickly it will happen. Even used properly, with the utmost care, your knife will dull eventually. Generally you will find that a higher quality knife will hold a much better edge than a low quality knife.

Do you offer mail-in sharpening service?

Yes! Feel free to send us your knives for sharpening. For more information, see our Mail-In Sharpening page.

Do you teach sharpening?

Yes, we teach one-on-one lessons, or teach small group sharpening classes. See our Sharpening Lessons page for more information.