Sharpening Services - Turnaround time is within 24 hours*

Drop off Wednesday through Saturday 10am to 4pm. Appointments are not required.

1031 Lawrence Street

Port Townsend WA 98368

Tues-Sat, 10am - 5:30pm

*Turnaround is 24 hours if dropped off between Wed. and Fri. We will strive to get Saturday drop-offs done same-day, but sometimes they are not ready until the following Wednesday.

If you need your knives back even quicker, or have any other questions, feel free to email us at or text or call us (360) 499-6235

Our Process

We use coarse whetstones to fix any damage on the edge then follow up with fine Japanese whetstones to bring the edge to the desired polish. We are happy to work with folks to determine what’s best for them in terms of geometry and finish, as it can vary from job to job, tool to tool.



Sharpening Prices

(Prices quoted are case by case and can vary based on condition, steel type, etc.)


Kitchen Knives - $1.50 per inch

Serrated Knives - $1.50 per inch

Japanese Single Bevel Knives $3 per inch

Mandoline Blades - $10

Food Processor Blades - $5-$10


Garden Pruners & Loppers  - $10

Hedge Shears - $15

Folding & Pocket Knives - $10

Fixed Blade & Specialty Knives - $15

Fabric & Tailor Scissors - $15

Kitchen & Craft Scissors - $10

Axes - $15

Machetes - $20

Chisels & Plane Iron Blades - $10-$30

Guillotine Paper Cutter Blades - $25

Blade Repairs: (charged in addition to Base Prices on a case by case basis)

Re-Tip - $5-$15
Correct Bolster - $3-$10
Removing chips - $5-$20
Blade thinning & edge reshaping - $20-$50 (often this may need to happen if there are large chips to be removed or if the knife has been sharpened many times prior, thus making it feel wedgey and thick)
De-Rust / Clean - $3-$15

WE DO NOT SERVICE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: razors, hair cutting scissors and shears, hair clipper blades, swords, tweezers, cuticle snips, nail clippers, tiny hair or thread snips, lawnmowers, blades with extreme recurve, saws, drill bits, chainsaws, and grass shears.