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Laguiole R. Chazeau Corkscrew Folding Knife - Juniper - Carbon Steel

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These Laguiole R. Chazeau knives feature a carbon steel blade and a strong backspring keeping the blades open or closed. They have a small folding corkscrew. They feature the distinctive bee on the backspring. We think these make a wonderful portable personal steak and picnicking knife, which is often how they are used in France.

Laguiole knives are a style, NOT a brand, and they are made in various workshops in France, including the village of Laguiole, as well as in Thiers, one of the largest knife making centers of Europe. These particular Laguiole knives are made in the village of La Monnerie-le-Montel in the region of Thiers, France by Coutellerie Chazeau Honore.

*These traditional European slip joint knives are all hand made and assembled, and there are can be 'imperfections' that may be apparent to anyone expecting sterile, factory made perfection. With these knives, blades may or may not be centered, they can have stronger or looser backsprings, and the wood scales may have little knots and small seams where they are pinned to the inner liners.*

Bulk Packed. Made in France.

Blade Material: Carbon Steel

Handle Material: Juniper Wood

Mechanism: Slip Joint

Blade length: 3.5"

Overall length: 8.75"

Closed Length: 4.75"


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