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Steelport Knife Co. 4" Paring Knife

Steelport Knife Co. 4" Paring Knife

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Steelport Knife Co. has re-introduced the modern world to American made forged carbon steel knives. Led by bladesmith Eytan Zias, they are produced by a small team of craftspeople in Portland, Oregon.

The Steelport 4" Paring knife is drop forged; the blade, bolster, tang and pommel are one piece of 52100 carbon steel. Each blade then goes through proprietary differential heat treatment and Cryo process, bringing the edge to a very hard 65 HRC, but leaving the spine and tang much softer, offering a combination of durability as well as wonderful edge life.

The handles are made of Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl, and stabilized with resin to prevent shrinking and swelling over time and to withstand the harsh environments of a busy kitchen. Extra attention is paid to fit and finish, with the spine, bolster and handles rounded for maximum comfort.

Sheath in picture sold separately.

Blade Material: 52100 Carbon Steel

Handle Material: Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl

Hardness: 65 HRC

Blade Length: 4.25" (110mm)

Overall Length: 8.5" (220mm)

Height at Heel: 30mm

Thickness of Spine at Heel: 2.95mm

Weight: 3.6 oz

**Extra care is required with carbon steel.  Dry well in between uses to avoid rust.  Carbon steel will start to rust with prolonged exposure to humidity. Make sure to dry completely in between uses. Carbon steel will patina with normal use, which is totally fine! If there are bright red rust spots (it is usually pretty obvious) you can remove the active rust with an abrasive material such as Scotch Brite. In more humid conditions, use camellia oil on the blade in between uses.

**No soaking or dishwashers!

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