Collection: Opinel

We firmly believe everyone should own an Opinel folding knife. Opinel produces iconic folding knives in Savoie, France, featuring the Virobloc® ferrule ring to lock the blade into open or closed position. They also produce a range of stylish and affordable kitchen and table cutlery, as well as garden & camping tools.

The original Opinel is the Nº08 Folding Knife, designed in 1890 by Joseph Opinel as a simple tool that would be easy to mass produce with modern technology. It's an ultra lightweight, thin bladed knife that is infinitely useful, either for food or utility, and it is a favorite knife of many hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. They produce a range of sizes of these classic knives in both stainless (Inox) and carbon (Carbone) steels. Both are super easy to sharpen and keep sharp with a little practice.