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Boye Pointed Tip Folder with Titanium Marlinspike - Blue

Boye Pointed Tip Folder with Titanium Marlinspike - Blue

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An extremely well crafted folder designed to hold up around salt water, and makes a well rounded everyday carry knife.

The blade is made of a metal alloy of David Boye's own creation: Boye Dentritic Cobalt, which isn't forged like steel, rather, each blade is cast in a porcelain mold. As each blade cools the alloy forms a dense structure of hard carbide crystals, which makes for a superior cutting edge with materials such as rope, rigging line and netting. It is also completely rust and corrosion proof, unlike other 'ultra stainless' steels, as well as non-magnetic, and will not interfere with compasses or any other magnetic equipment. Lest we forget, it has great edge retention and sharpens very quickly on a soft whetstone.

The titanium marlinspike is endlessly useful for tasks the blade is not suited for: serving as a knot undo-er, shackle key, digger, poker and prier. Also features a lanyard loop rated to 100lbs.

Blade Material: Boye Dentritic Cobalt alloy

Marlin Spike: 2.5" Titanium

Mechanism: Lock Back

Pocket Clip: Yes

Handle Material: Zytel® fiberglass filled nylon

Closed Length: 4" (103mm)

Overall Length: 6.75" (171mm)

Cutting Edge Length: 2.5" (62mm)

Blade Width: .09" (2.3mm)

Handle Width: .35" (9mm)

Weight: 2.5 oz (68 grams)


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