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Brian Hanson Gyuto 240mm - 52100 Carbon Steel

Brian Hanson Gyuto 240mm - 52100 Carbon Steel

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This line of knives from Brian Hanson was designed with chefs in mind, but would be just as wonderful to use in any home kitchen. Brian is an ex-chef turned knife maker, and you can really see his experience in the kitchen come through in his work.

These blades are forged from a single piece of 52100 carbon steel, an pure high carbon American made steel that was originally formulated for ball bearings. He hand forges each blade with beautiful distal taper and then grinds them in the Japanese style with large wide bevels on each side, and he leaves some of the scales untouched from the forging process. The blades have octagon shaped handles made with Walnut and African Blackwood, and he leaves a nice amount of room between the handle and blade for a choked up pinch grip. These knives are very thin behind the edge for minimal wedging, and are very easy to sharpen on whetstones. We also find this steel to be responsive to a ceramic honing rod, which is a plus for any busy cook that needs that tomato popping edge back in the moment.

Boxed. Hand forged in Arlington, Washington State.

Blade Material: 52100 Carbon Steel

Hardness: 61 HRC

Handle: California Walnut, African Black Wood ferrule

Blade Length: 9.5" (240mm)

Overall Length: 14.9" (376mm)

Height at Heel: 53mm

Thickness of Spine at Heel: 3 mm

Weight: 6.7 oz

*Weights and measurements may vary from piece to piece*

**Extra care is required with carbon steel. No soaking or dishwashers! Dry well in between uses to avoid rust. Blade will develop a patina (discoloration) with normal use.

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