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Isamitsu Shirogami 150mm Petty

Isamitsu Shirogami 150mm Petty

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These knives sport a hard Shirogami #1 carbon steel core and have a stainless cladding, which make them easier to care for. The blades have a black kurouchi finish on the face, and the bevels are finished with a satin polish. These are extremely high performing knives thanks to excellent grinds and heat treatment.

Isamitsu knives are made by smith Yhuki Abe and sharpener Gaku Kanatsu in a workshop not far from Tokyo. They are both former apprentices of the famous smith Teruyasu Fujiwara, and their with abilities stainless clad carbon steels are especially excellent.

Blade Material: Shirogami #1 carbon steel core with stainless steel cladding

Handle Material: Rosewood with pakka wood ferrule.

Blade Length: 6" (152mm)

Overall Length: 10.85" (276mm)

Height at Heel: 31mm

Thickness of Spine at Heel: 1.95mm

Weight: 3 oz (84g)

**Weights and measurements may vary from knife to knife

**Extra care is required with carbon steel. No soaking or dishwashers! Dry well in between uses to avoid rust. Blade will develop a patina (discoloration) with normal use.

**To avoid chipping, keep away from bones, frozen foods or other hard foods and pits.

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